Time for the world to get its act together!

O.K.  I am trying to get my BP back to a normal range.

My head is just about to explode.  I am so mad–I feel like throwing up.

Story: sea turtles and unhatched eggs-endangered species-killed by a bulldozer.

Just go to a news site and try to find out how many were killed and where.

Why did this happen?

Story: Women in third world countries executed by men.  Why is this


I am so tired of this planet’s “human” beings screwing up everything!

It’s the only world we have.

The level of humanity’s intelligence and sensitivity is not up to par.

2012-now: planet needs higher vibrational levels-chance to improve and heal the world in so many, many ways–everyone needs to get their act together and their priorities straight to make sure our world does not succumb to the accumulative effects all the destructive people who have come and gone and the ones still living.

No I am not insane.  Some people might be able to follow my rant here.

Maybe not. 

The mistreatment of humans and the planet is just not acceptable anymore.


By ladymaverick12